by Remi Lavana

Serves Cedar Hill & Surrounding Areas

If you look at any water-using appliance within your home, you will be able to see that all of them contain drains. Dishwashers, washing machines, bathtubs and sinks all require drains to function correctly. Without these essential, but small plumbing components, the water that is pumped into appliances would not be in a position to exit our home.

With all the drains within the home it’s not surprising that you’ll encounter a clog at least once every so often. Luckily, our staff of experts at Plumbing , Cooling and Heating has the knowledge and experience to get rid of any obstruction and bring your drain back to its original working order. We offer the following services to residents of the Dallas region:

  • Installation and replacement of sewer lines
  • Inspections of pipes and routine maintenance
  • Repairs to sewer lines and drains
  • Inspections of video camera pipes
  • Drain cleaning and sewer line

Utilizing advanced cameras for pipes to identify pipe clogs and damages in order to swiftly fix the issue. We also provide 24 hour emergency service for times when plumbing issues are too severe to put off.


Some cogs are straightforward to get rid of yourself with the help of a plunger or a toothed drain stick. If you have difficulty reaching or really difficult clogs, it’s best to contact a professional plumber. Our plumbing team has the expertise and tools they require to locate the clog and determine which approach is the most effective way to eliminate it.

Dallas Sewer Line Replacement And Repair

When we inspect the pipe using our camera it is possible to discover that the issue is far more complex than merely a blockage. There could be misalignment, corrosion and tree root infiltration, or gaps and cracks. When the issue has been thoroughly assessed and the root of the issue is identified the team at Plumbing & HVAC will discuss your options together with you. No matter how big or the severity of the issue our experts of Plumbing & HVAC are equipped with the expertise and knowledge to identify the solution that is best for you.

Broken Sewer Pipe Repair Services

The most significant plumbing problems we see are damaged sewer lines. If your sewer pipe is damaged, has cracks, holes or has split and is leaking, you will see drains of sewers on your property. If you begin to observe brown puddles, or a smelly yard near your house it is best to call an emergency plumber to look for damaged pipes. There may be cracks in your walls and the pipes are slow to drain.

Does Homeowners Insurance cover Sewer Line Repair?

Based on the homeowners coverage, this might or might cover the cost. In most cases, insurance policies include the cost of clean-up of sewage however not necessarily the procedure of replacing pipes. For example, they could allow the elimination of sewage buildup on your property, however they do not cover digging out pipes and replacing the pipes. Review your insurance policy or give your service provider the number to inquire whether you’re covered for the replacement of sewer lines.