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If you’re searching for an HVAC firm located in Ashburn it is crucial to know if they provide commercial or residential services. Some firms offer both however, you must ensure that the business is skilled in the specific service you require. Learn more about the differences between commercial and residential HVAC and learn the reasons why it’s crucial to find a specialist in your particular HVAC.

The size difference between commercial and the size of residential HVAC

While this might seem to be an obvious distinction between systems for residential and commercial use however, it’s important to mention. Most of the time commercial HVAC systems are significantly larger than one for residential use. This is because commercial HVAC systems must provide cooling or heating to a greater space than a home. In order to compensate for the bigger size commercial systems usually include features such as compressors or Evaporators.

They consume greater space as well and demand additional repairs or maintenance by an Ashburn heating and air conditioning specialist. If you have a specialist who is only working on residential systems and not on commercial systems it is possible that you won’t get the work of the caliber you require.

The Placement

Since residential HVACs are less than commercial HVACs and are often placed differently from commercial units. In a house the HVAC unit may be located within the yard or even next to a building. However, in commercial structures it will likely be to the roof. There are two major reasons for this. The first is that the majority of commercial buildings do not have yards. The system is only removed from the property when it’s placed on the roof. Additionally, commercial establishments do not want the noise caused by machinery. The owners of businesses prefer to put the machinery’s exterior area on top of their roof, far from their customers or employees.


A typical HVAC system for homes may just need to cool or heat a 1200 square feet area. So, a simple system can suffice to satisfy the demands of cooling and heating. When it comes to a heating or cooling installation in Ashburn the technician is able to make use of the most basic layout and layout. A commercial building might require cooling more area. The building may require multi-zone heating and cooling as well as larger units. Commercial systems typically have a variety of indoor units that are connected to outdoor units that provide more efficient cooling and heating. If you require emergency HVAC service in Ashburn it is essential that they understand the complexity of commercial systems. In the absence of this, they will not be equipped to make the repair. They may not be experienced with the system, or have the appropriate tools for the task.


In each HVAC system there is a little bit of water that is produced. The water needs to be flushed out, and this is done into a basic or more complex network of pipes. In a house the drainage system tends to be a tiny pipe that drains out of the building into the backyard. Because commercial HVACs are more powerful and generate more moisture, they are equipped with larger and more intricate drainage systems. The more pipes and pans means more maintenance. If you’re working alongside an HVAC technician who’s not experienced with the drainage systems that are used in commercial settings, you may be dealing with someone who is incapable of dealing with drainage problems.


When talking about HVAC systems the term “heat and air conditioning” is used to refer to the installation and manufacturing processes that comprise an HVAC system. If you’re looking to become knowledgeable, you need to understand that commercial HVAC systems utilize the modular method, while residential systems are independent. Commercial HVAC systems generally contain units located in the same area and residential systems typically contain two units inside, and one outside. The distinction in HVAC mechanisms is one of the reasons you require someone with expertise in your particular HVAC system.

The Equipment

While the majority of HVAC systems function similar to each other There are some variations in the HVAC equipment. Like you would expect, the differences arise because of the dimensions. A smaller system won’t require the same equipment as larger systems. It’s also true that commercial companies have different needs. For residential use the heating and cooling needs are generally the same. It is essential to have an HVAC system that maintains an even temperature throughout your house. For commercial use it is possible that the requirements are different. A food processing facility may have distinct requirements from restaurants. The equipment your commercial business needs will depend on the particular requirements and the nature of the business.

Power Use

Again, the greater dimension that commercial HVAC units are responsible for the differences in the power consumption. Commercial HVAC systems are responsible for the heating and cooling of the vast space and thus require much more energy than a typical residential system. It could also have longer running hours than systems that are installed in a house. Commercial systems consume far higher power than domestic systems and have distinct energy and gas requirements. Your HVAC technician must know how to reduce the demand on energy for the system.


Perhaps most important, commercial HVAC systems require greater maintenance than HVAC systems for residential homes. If you ask someone to maintain your HVAC, they must be aware of each step required to keep your system correctly. If the company isn’t knowledgeable in the maintenance of commercial HVAC systems their technician might not be aware of some vital steps. Your HVAC system may fail or require a replacement in the shortest amount of time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the distinction between industrial and commercial HVAC?

If you’ve read the previous article you will realize that there are a variety of differentiators between residential and commercial HVAC systems. However, it all boils back to size. Commercial HVAC systems face more demands than residential HVAC systems which is the reason the HVAC systems differ. In actuality, it’s not your responsibility to know the details that separate commercial and residential HVAC systems. If you’re working together with any of the top AC as well as boiler services companies in Ashburn and surrounding areas, you can trust them to be aware of the distinctions. They’ll be able handle your system, regardless of size or complexity.

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